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Materion is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of high reliability, light weight and cost effective precision optical filters and thin film coatings for automotive display applications. Advances in automotive design and electronics, along with the proliferation of cloud technology, have enabled technologies such as night vision and head-up displays for the automotive industry. Materion technologies help our customers lead the way in developing safe, reliable precision display solutions for the automotive market.


Materion delivers unparalleled expertise in projection optics, precision optical and night vision filters and thin film coatings for automotive applications. Our technologies ensure safety while enhancing the driving experience.

Materion has developed numerous solutions to enable the success of automotive night vision systems, including:

  • Anti-reflective coatings for long wave, mid wave, short wave or multispectral IR cameras optimize detector performance
  • Significant advances in coating quality, uniformity and durability enable Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), the most cost-effective solution available
  • Wafer-level application processes for long wave coatings that can withstand eutectic bonding temperatures and for metal seal rings in hermetic packages that facilitate the transition to WLP
  • Amorphous silicon materials that can replace vanadium oxide will improve production yields and throughput rates, lowering manufacturing costs 

Materion’s ruggedized projection components, used in Head-up Displays (HUDs), are designed to withstand the rigors of automotive applications while providing durable, high-performance optics. Our products include:

  • Dichroic filters with dense coatings provide excellent optical and mechanical stability under changing temperatures and in harsh environments
  • Silflex Plus mirrors resist scratches, corrosion, dust, oil and grease for increased brightness and extended service life
  • LightTunnelsTM shape rectangular light profiles with minimal light loss, use short integrator rods to save space, and are available with special coatings for high temperature applications


Materion engineers and scientists understand the challenges of the automotive industry, and actively partner in R&D programs to develop new products that meet and exceed even the strictest requirements. With a long and established history of technology leadership, our R&D teams are at the forefront of automotive display innovation. 

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