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Materion is a leading supplier of materials for displays - from LCD, LED, OLED, EL and transflective displays to touch-screens and optical components used in projection displays. The growing consumer demand for ever more technologically sophisticated products requires the devices to include superior electronic displays. In order for these microelectronics to achieve optimal proficiency, they depend upon next generation PVD materials. Materion produces products that enable designers to enhance performance and support cost-effective displays.


From computers to televisions to smart phones, almost all of today’s consumer electronics use displays especially the newer OLEDs. The industry is seeking new and innovative means to improve color characteristics and lower energy consumption. Materion manufactures a number of high purity PVD materials and components tailored for electronic display applications.

  • High purity PVD materials in multiple forms from planar to rotary sputtering targets, granules, shot, pellets and more to create electronic displays
  • Available materials include: high quality Silver, Aluminum, Lithium Fluoride, Magnesium, Ytterbium and more
  • Innovative CORAR material used for organic electroluminescent (EL) as well as applications such as transflective displays
  • Transparent conductive films that enable touch screen functionality
  • Optical components used in projection displays to provide energy-efficient operation, reliable quality and user-friendly feature sets


Whatever your display requirements, Materion’s has the expertise to work with you toward an innovative solution. We exceed customers’ expectations for best values in electronic display. Our customers benefit from:

  • Exceptional high-performance PVD materials meet stringent requirements for superior quality, optimized durability and high reliability
  • Richer color display with enhanced image quality
  • Fully characterized materials with up to 99.999% purity levels that produce higher yields with less down time
  • Produce more lumens per dollar for energy efficiency
  • Highly uniform film properties
  • Ultimately reduced costs
  • Scalable manufacturing solutions that can supply smaller laboratories, pilot scale or mass production

Materion is an established and trusted manufacturer of electronic materials that support the needs of the electronic display market. Contact Materion to discuss your specific challenges.