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Materion provides the semiconductor market with customized products and capabilities to meet demanding requirements for quality, reliability, and cleanliness, while also lowering the total cost of ownership. Optimal semiconductor performance requires the use of consistently reliable, extremely clean materials and precious metals. Our custom-engineered products, industry expertise and a broad range of capabilities support the semiconductor market and product lifecycle. Our materials provide targeted solutions for developing smaller, faster and lower cost components that meet high market demand for better performance.  

As a world leader in high performing advanced materials, Materion Corporation strategically acquired H.C. Starck Solutions’ industry leading electronic materials business in November of 2021. The acquisition adds tantalum to Materion’s already diverse portfolio of premium materials for thin film applications, positioning the company as a key global supplier to the semiconductor industry.


Materion offers microelectronics packaging products and services not only for the semiconductor market, but for MEMS, wireless, defense, medical, and LED markets. We have the expertise to engineer a made-to-order product for all your needs, including rapid prototyping – from lids, frames, solder and braze alloys to precious metal sputtering targets and total metals management. Our capabilities allow us to easily handle the rapid technology changes that require innovative materials critical to semiconductors.

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With our extensive experience in microelectronic packaging and thin film materials, the benefits of Materion’ s products include:

  • Full cycle precious metal management
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Conformant metals
  • Improved shield life through vacuum
  • Chamber parts cleaning
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS) coatings
  • Reclaim and refine with flexible settlement options

Materion’s portfolio of high-stiffness-to-weight materials – including AlBeMet®, AlBeCast®, and SupremEX® metal matrix composites, as well as AyontEXTM alloys – support improved speed and precision in wafer handling components.

  • High specific stiffness enables the design of parts with high natural frequencies for high-speed XY tables.
  • With CTEs ranging from 13 to 18, parts expand less (relative to aluminum), improving positioning accuracy.
  • Higher damping ratios reduce equipment noise.

Alloys for test sockets and probe Pins for semiconductor test:

  • Alloy M25 (C17300) copper-beryllium rod and wire minimizes signal distortion in coaxial RF connectors and reduces power loss in circular connectors and contact probes.
  • Alloy 25 (UNS C17200) copper-beryllium strip, with its excellent formability, ductility, and fatigue strength, is an ideal material for burn-in and test socket contacts.

Beryllium oxide ceramics – featuring thermal conductivity up to 325 W/mK – are key components in high-performance power supplies, enabling the delivery of clean, consistent, reliable power to the most advanced wafer fab equipment.


Materion provides service to support our semiconductor customers at every step to help lower their total cost of ownership. We partner closely with our customers to provide idea conception through our R&D team, high purity and reliable precious metal products, improved shield life through precision parts cleaning, Twin Wire Arc Spray coatings, and flexible settlement options using our reclaim and recycle programs. With facilities around the world, Materion is well-positioned to provide international service to our semiconductor customers around the clock.

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