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Materion is an established and trusted provider of high-quality materials for the solar energy market. For more than two decades our materials – from specialty alloys to advanced chemicals - have enabled reliable performance and durability for solar applications. Our industry expertise has helped advance progress and innovation within this alternative energy market.


Materion’s broad range of high-quality PVD materials, precious metals refining and high performing alloy strip materials enhance performance and reduce costs. Our material solutions deliver incomparable benefits including:

  • Thin film solar materials improve manufacturing and module efficiency
  • Silicon solar materials combine quality, innovation and service to provide high performance and low cost of ownership
  • Concentrated PVD solar materials solutions deliver high yields and reduce costs
  • Concentrator solar power materials produce consistent, uniform films over large areas in long production runs
  • Next generation interconnect materials engineered to the demands of new thin film designs
  • High performance alloy photovoltaic contact spring materials that deliver its promised benefits of controlling power loss
  • Precious metals management programs streamline maintenance logistics and improve cash flow
  • Our photovoltaic materials experts can help you realize the highest possible returns on your investment in solar energy conversion


Materion process specialists have developed the knowledge, skills and materials to help our customers continually advance their technology and manage their costs. We understand the evolution of new material requirements and pay close attention to the particular needs of each customer’s specific challenges.

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