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Welcome to the beryllium safety facts page.

Interactive Guide To Working Safely with Beryllium (for manufacturers)

Materion Electrofusion supplies beryllium foil as turn-key assemblies ready to install or as prefabricated components, which eliminates or greatly reduces the safety precautions required.

Working Safely With Beryllium Interactive Website
This interactive Website provides employers and employees with guidance to working safely with beryllium and beryllium-containing materials.
A CDROM version can also be requested at the Website.

General Information Websites Website
Explore the history and uses of beryllium in a variety of applications.  Includes resources for teachers preparing lessons on metals in general and beryllium in particular. Website
The Beryllium Science and Technology Association (BeST) website.  Based in Brussels, BeST is a non-profit organization representing the suppliers of beryllium in the EU market. Includes a large library of articles and studies relating to Health and Safety.