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There’s a lot to be said about using the right material for the job. Choosing iON materials for your connectors has the potential to save costs in two ways.  The most direct cost savings are the direct precious metal savings vs. electroplated gold solutions.  Through replacing pure gold with engineered alloy systems, a significant portion of the precious metal can be removed – especially in the case of iON-GR.  Though it is true that cladding requires more process steps than Electroplating, at today's markets this is often more than offset by savings on precious metals.  

Another way iON materials reduce connector costs is by the superior temperature and wear properties which enable thinner layers of precious metals. All too often, the solution to reliability problems is to throw more precious metal at it as a sacrificial layer.  But when you engineer iON materials into your application, you let metallurgy do the work!

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iON Connector Cost Comparison