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Maximizing output without risk of overheating or jeopardizing space and weight is why high power electronics producers and manufactures around the world look to beryllium oxide (BeO, also known as beryllia). Second only to diamond for thermal conductivity among insulative materials, BeO allows your component to pack a bigger punch, with a longer life than with other materials.

Powerful Materials for Powerful Components

With thermal conductivity of up to 325 W/(m•K), BeO is the material trusted to dissipate intense, localized heat for a variety of devices, including resistors and resistor networks, transistors, transmitters, receivers and power amplifiers in cell towers as well as defense electronics.

For high power electronics requiring dense and/or high-frequency circuitry, BeO offers a low dielectric constant of 6.7. The material is also useful as an intermediary thermal dissipater between silicon and base metals due to its coefficient of thermal expansion, allowing designers to engineer more powerful components, especially when working with smaller chips.

Whether you're developing products for defense contractors looking for greater power, smaller footprints and a longer life, or creating power components and circuitry to change the way people consume and manage energy, BeO is the material for the most innovative and powerful electronic components worldwide.

Unmatched BeO Properties

  • Superior Thermal Conductivity
  • More Consistent Heat Dissipation
  • Better Uniformity of Crystalline Structure
  • Economical and Reliable Metallization
  • More Durable in Semiconductor Chamber Cleaning Environments

See the advantages of BeO properties relative to AlN with our visual infographic.

A global Leader in Material Solutions

Industry leaders in microwave communications, laser technology, military and aerospace, semiconductor processing, high power electronics and energy count on Materion Ceramics for beryllium oxide innovations and service.

As the world's only fully integrated developer and supplier of BeO ceramics, Materion supports product designers and engineers with accurate, extensive information on beryllium-based materials and components. From mining and R&D, to component production and support, we've been the go-to source on BeO for more than 60 years.

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