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QMet™ Strip Alloys INFOGRAPHIC - High Strength and High Conductivity 


From consumer electronics to electric vehicles, our new QMet family of alloys offers a unique combination of high conductivity, strength and formability to advance our customers’ current and emerging technologies. 

PROPERTIES | High Strength | High Conductivity | Improved Formability | Stress Relaxation Resistance |

APPLICATIONS | Automotive Wire Harness Terminals and High Voltage Connectors | EV Charging Contacts | Appliance Power Contacts | Computer Power Contacts | Backplane, Midplane and Card Edge Connectors | Photovoltaic System Connectors | Heat Spreading for Consumer Electronics |

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The QMet Alloy Solution

To put it simply, QMet alloys provide benefits that maxed-out commodity alloys can’t. Even as we introduce these two QMet products, we are already exploring new ways to build on these innovations to address our customers’ current needs and anticipate future requirements.  

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