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Innovation in thin film coatings has been a pillar of our business for more than 20 years. It’s how we’ve been able to deliver highly reliable and repeatable solutions for the life sciences industry, all while driving costs lower and improving time to market for our customers. 

At Materion, innovation isn’t reserved for just the newest products. Rather, our team of engineers and researchers is constantly working to find new methods and processes that solve both the problems our customers know they have, and the ones they don’t yet know they have. This commitment to innovation for our customers has led to strong, long-term relationships supporting multiple product generations and technology roadmap activities.

Overcoming Obstacles

Driving innovation requires the ability to meet challenges. Whether small adjustments, entirely new processes, new materials or new machine capabilities are required, Materion has the expertise to make it a reality. Our in-house mechanical and electrical design teams routinely modify and build the equipment needed to take a project to completion from small-scale pilot lines to high volume production. And because each customer challenge is unique, our thin film coating experts are adept at developing and sourcing the required capabilities and processes needed to ensure each material meets precise specifications for consistent, repeatable results. 

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