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Over the course of the more than two decades we’ve been in business, Precision Coatings has become a leader in the development and manufacturing of sputtered films. 

At Materion, we believe that investing in class-leading facilities and technology, combined with a focus on quality and commitment to innovation, are the only way to provide our customers in the life sciences industry with the high quality sputtered films they can rely on to enable their products to advance medicine and improve quality of life. 

Innovative Manufacturing

Ensuring our customers receive orders that meet their precise specifications and quality standards is the goal of every person at Materion. To ensure we meet the high standards set by ourselves and our customers, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Quick turn development and rapid prototyping 
  • Three ISO Class-7 cleanrooms
  • Custom-built sputtering and converting equipment
  • Scalable production lines to support both customization and high volume
  • In-line monitoring of critical process parameters

To discover more about Materion’s manufacturing capability, contact us.