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At Materion we provide the comprehensive engineering expertise. We use innovative process technologies to custom manufacture and supply a broad array of products from UV through Far IR. Our offering includes complex optical filters, filter arrays, wafer level coatings, getters, diamond like coatings, projection display components, patterned coatings, roll-to-roll sputtered thin films and interconnects on flexible substrates.        


We are proud of our full range of unparalleled products, services and support technology. Our customers benefit from our strategically located global facilities that provide regional manufacturing and technical support. Our superior quality products are fully supported by a large volume manufacturing environment that produces highly repeatable results, contributing to reduced costs and market advantage. We also have scalable processes that are economical for customers who require small quantities.


Our facilities are fully ISO 9001:2008 certified and our technologies carry all relevant industry quality and safety certifications. We offer leading edge spectral and film properties testing to ensure high quality. With our quick turn-around and rapid prototyping capabilities, we can bring ground-breaking products to market faster.

Our goal is to deliver a broad scope of products and services with the technical expertise necessary to support our customers’ needs.