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Materion Precision Optics is a world leader in optical thin film technology. Our optical thin film coatings enable advances in science, defense, medical, energy and consumer products. 

We provide the world’s most extensive offering of precision optical filters, optical thin film coatings and optical assemblies.  Many of our individual product lines serve a diverse array of markets and enable a number of different technologies and applications.

We understand these markets and collaborate with our customers to provide solutions that address their specific needs, reduce development time and enable innovative new products.

  • Flame & Gas Detection
  • Process Control
  • Automotive Night Vision
  • Fuel Quality Sensing
  • Head Up Display
  • Sensing Cameras
  • Gaming & Gesture Control
  • Image Sensor
  • Projection Display
  • Ground-based Astronomy
  • ISR
  • Laser Communication 
  • Laser Protection
  • Microwave Communication
  • Spaced-based Imaging & Instrumentation
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Weapon Systems
  • Thermography
  • Clinical & Analytical Instrumentation
  • Life Sciences Instrumentation

Materion: A Heritage of Success Through Innovation