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Materion Precision Optics is a world leader in optical thin film technology.  Our optical thin film coatings enable advances in science, defense, medical, energy and consumer products. 

We provide the world’s most extensive offering of precision optical filters, optical thin film coatings and optical assemblies.  Many of our individual product lines serve a diverse array of markets and enable a number of different technologies and applications:

  • Large area and high volume coating capabilities that enable us to produce large and irregular shapes and offer excellent high volume pricing on all shapes and sizes
  • Design and prototyping services that solve our customers’ problems and speed their time to market
  • Program and inventory management initiatives that provide numerous resource and money-saving benefits

We have a long and established history as a market leader, and employ an innovative approach to working with customers. Our teams create service and support solutions as readily as they create technology solutions, adding immeasurable value to our products and saving our customers time and money. 

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>Engineering Design & Prototyping 

Materion: Superior Technology with Superior Service