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Innovative thinking drives everything you do.  With Materion, you have the materials science you need to take your ideas to the next level. For more than 80 years, we have delivered advanced materials that are engineered to perform for a variety of markets: from consumer electronics to medical devices to highly engineered bushings and bearings for heavy industrial equipment.

We specialize in matching our customer’s needs with the materials that are right for their project. With an extensive array of alloys, composites, inorganic chemicals and more, you tell us the quality and performance parameters you’re after, and we can deliver. 

Beryllium Products

For nearly a century, we’ve been the market leader pioneering the development and manufacture of beryllium metals used for defense and space applications; nuclear reactors and satellite structures. The unique physical properties of beryllium make it ideal for demanding applications such as UHV research components, X-ray window assemblies and components for speakers and headphones

Braze and Solder Alloys

With exceptional purity levels, Materion can customize a variety of precious metal alloys and lead-free solder solutions for the defense, solar energy and microelectronics industries. For added reliability, our extensive library of lead–free solders and braze alloys are cast and fabricated to meet your specifications.

Clad Metals

Our clad metals enable innovative new material combinations, providing solutions for joining dissimilar metals, improving electronics by managing managing heat and meeting high strength requirements in applications and providing customizable clad and inlay metal solutions to overcome today's demanding design challenges.

High Performance Alloys

Materion engineers a portfolio of high performance alloys, including copper beryllium and nickel beryllium alloys, copper beryllium casting alloys, ToughMet® copper nickel tin alloys, MoldMAX® plastics tooling alloys, and a range of spring and connector alloys. Our metals enable new developments in technically demanding products in aerospace, automotive powertrain, electronics, connector applications, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

Inorganic Chemicals

With over 50 years of expertise, we offer consistent, repeatable, quality inorganic chemicals ranging from Arsenides to Thorium. View our online Inorganic Chemical Catalog for materials to meet your specifications in a variety of forms including sputtering targets, pellets or pieces, cones or granules.  

Metal Matrix Composites

Our metal matrix composites (MMC) offer balanced properties that are unmatched by conventional metals and alloys such as aluminum and titanium. Our aluminum-beryllium, AlBeMet® composite and our aluminum-silicon-carbide SupremEX® MMC are ideal for use in aerospace, commercial and performance automotive, satellite structures, and optical systems.

Microelectronics Packaging Materials

Reliability and high performance comes standard with Materion microelectronic packaging materials. We’ve got you covered with our selection of standard and customizable hermetic lids and ceramic packaging products. Our expertise and global locations, enable us to fulfill all your packaging requirements.

Precision Optics

Our cutting-edge optical filter manufacturing technology allows us to produce a variety of filter arrays and assemblies, precision optical filters and projection display components to meet the needs of high-technology manufacturers in the defense, astronomy and consumer electronics markets.

Technical Ceramics

Materion advanced ceramic materials are engineered to achieve superior levels of product strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings as well as critical thermal management. Our technical and thermal ceramics include BeO (beryilla) ceramics and our Durox® alumina ceramics that enable the production of semiconductors, microwaves, heatsinks, lasers, resistor cores and electronic packaging.

Thin Film Coatings

Innovative process technologies enable us to apply precision and custom thin film coatings onto flexible substrates and wafer level packaging. We offer solutions for diverse markets and applications such as low defect wafer level coatings, anti-reflective coatings, engineered thin films, and patterned thin films. Additionally, our specialized flexible sputtered films and large area deposition capabilities deliver the highest performing solutions in the industry.

Thin Film Deposition Materials

Our precious metals, alloys and cermets and wear resistance and decorative coating material offerings support all major OEM platforms and can be designed for any sputtering target configuration. We can meet the exacting requirements of microelectronic, optical and medical manufacturing processes.