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Materion Products

Materion Corporation is committed to providing high-quality, innovative and reliable products that will enable our customers’ technologies, and fuel their own technological breakthroughs and growth.  

Our products include precious and non-precious specialty metals, inorganic chemicals and powders, specialty coatings, specialty engineered beryllium and copper-based alloys, beryllium composites, ceramics and engineered clad and plated metal systems.

We are constantly looking ahead to realign product and service portfolios toward the latest market and technology trends so that we are able to provide customers with an even broader scope of products, services and specialized expertise.  Materion is an established leader in our markets, from consumer electronics to medical devices to highly engineered bushings and bearings for heavy industrial equipment. We are a unique, rapidly growing, advanced materials solutions company enabling our customers’ high-value technology and long-term success.