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With our proprietary casting process, we manufacture high purity nickel alloys that are cost-effective.

Our superior process controls allow us to minimize impurities which eliminate the formation of stringers and inclusions which can negatively impact your product. We are unmatched in producing high purity nickel alloys of small grain size and consistency typically used for vacuum electronic devices.


Our specialized experts can review your specific nickel alloy requirements and recommend the smartest solution for your product and process.

  • All alloying and casting processes are rigorously monitored by  metallurgical, chemical and  functional testing for quality assurance
  • Our flexible manufacturing process is responsive whether you require high volume or small lot processing
  • Our nickel strip is available in gauges from 0.007-0.100" thick and plate from 0.100-1.000" thick
  • Our high purity nickel alloy materials are available in strip and bar stock. Dimensional capabilities include thickness from .010" - 1.500" and widths from .500" - 4.750". Special dimensions are also available    
  • Our machining capabilities including milling, drilling, wire EDM and grinding
  • We can partner with you to customize alloy composition to your exact specifications


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