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With our specialized expertise in precious metals, Materion Advanced Materials Group is able to manufacture high purity silver catalyst. Silver catalyst is used to make formaldehyde, an important compound in the production of glue, varnish, preservatives and disinfectants.  Our 99.99% pure silver is available in crystalline form (“needle silver”) that is created by plating the silver onto the cathodes of mobius cells in electrolytic refining.  After processing, the needle silver catalyst is sifted into a wide spectrum of screen sizes to meet your requirements.


Our leading-edge manufacturing process provides an advanced material solution for needle silver catalyst characterized by factors that make it cost-efficient:

  • High purity - typically, 99.99% silver with trace elements less than 100 ppm
  • High surface area
  • High yield
  • Long catalyst bed life

Materion high purity silver catalyst offers these advantages:

  • Laboratory certification of the chemical analysis of both new and refined catalyst
  • Customized woven or knitted fine silver screens and gauzes specifically to your specifications
  • Additional services enable the melting or refining of spent catalyst