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Our solder alloys are cast and fabricated to meet your exacting standards for microelectronics applications.

Because of our manufacturing capabilities and over 100 years experience with precious metals, we are able to offer a wide range of solder alloys including low-temperature lead-free solders.


We combine our manufacturing technologies and our analytical capabilities to provide smarter solutions for your electronic packaging needs.

  • Our engineers can partner with you to formulate and manufacture custom alloys according to your application temperature
  • Materion’s lead-free solders are available in a wide variety of high quality materials including gold alloys, silver alloys, gold tin alloys, gold germanium alloys, gold tin copper alloys, et. al.
  • To support the defense and solar energy industries, We offer a complete range of lead-containing solders, with liquidus temperatures ranging from to 149°C to 327°C
  • Our alloying and casting processes are all conducted in-house and are rigorously monitored by our on-site  laboratories to ensure quality performance solders
  • We maintain a full in-house tool design and production capacity to support more than 15,000 stamping tools for the broadest catalog of preforms


All of our solder alloys are offered in multiple shapes and preforms to fit your requirements or customized to your specifications. View our complete list of solder alloys.

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