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Materion supplies welding rod for TIG (GTAW) repair of copper-based materials. The rods are packaged in short lengths in convenient diameters of 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8” (1.59, 2.38, and 3.18 mm). WeldPak copper beryllium TIG rod can be used for weld repair of copper beryllium, copper nickel tin, or any other copper alloy produced by Materion Performance Alloys.  WeldPak XL copper nickel tin rod is used exclusively for weld repair of MoldMAX XL or ToughMet.


WeldPak and WeldPak XL are age hardenable, meaning that the weld joint can be heat treated to match the hardness of the base metal, although there will still be a softer heat affected zone (HAZ) adjacent to the weld.  Please see the Tech Briefs on Weld Repair of MoldMAX, Copper Beryllium, or ToughMet for specific details.