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Materion produces high strength beryllium metals in a variety of structural grade specifications that provide unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios. These metals are essential for the most advanced technologies, allowing weight reductions while providing a durable structural material for satellites, reconnaissance systems, semiconductor equipment, aerospace instrumentation panels and electronic-optical targeting systems.


We manufacture four structural grade beryllium metals:

  • S-200-F - vacuum hot pressed 98.5% beryllium. S-200-F is used as an optical substrate and support bench in numerous astronomical telescopes, fire control and FLIR systems, and spacecraft and weather satellites.
  • S-200-F C - cold isostatically pressed, sintered 98.5% beryllium. While the tensile properties are lower than other grades of beryllium, the modulus and thermal properties are the same.
  • S-200-F H - hot isostatically pressed structural grade 98.5% beryllium. This beryllium is more uniform with higher density and higher mechanical properties than traditional vacuum hot pressed beryllium. The material can be formed into regular or custom shapes, and the production process has been optimized to conserve material and reduce total machining time.
  • SR-200 - sheet beryllium metal manufactured by warm rolling billets of vacuum hot-pressed block. It is often selected by designers seeking high-performance heat sinks and structural supports in military electronic and avionics systems and is well-suited for satellite structures as a hot-formed material.


  • S-200-F can be certified to the SAE-AMS7906 specification. This beryllium metal is available in rod and bar. For additional information and the mechanical properties of S-200-F, download the S-200-F spec sheet.
  • S-200-F C can be certified to the SAE-AMS7910 specification. S-200-F C is only available in special shapes based on part size. For additional information and the mechanical properties of S-200 F C, download the S-200-F C spec sheet.
  • S-200-F H can be certified to the SAE-AMS7908 specification. S-200-F H is available in rod, bar and special shapes. For additional information and the mechanical properties of S-200-F H, download the S-200 F H spec sheet.
  • SR-200 can also be certified to the SAE-AMS7902 specification. It is available in made to order thicknesses, from 0.020" to 0.250" (0.5 mm to 6.25 mm) with maximum dimensions of 24" x 72" (61 cm x 183 cm). For additional information and the mechanical properties of download the SR-200 spec sheet.


Our structural beryllium metals are used in some of the most advanced technologies, including:

  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems
  • Electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) & targeting systems
  • Airborne early warning & control systems (AEW&C)
  • Surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (SRT)
  • Size, weight and power (SWaP) replacement systems
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Space-based systems and components
  • James Webb Space Telescope support structure


Structural grade beryllium metals provide a lower weight structure with higher strength than other lower density metals.

Talk to our engineers to find out which structural grade beryllium is right for your application.

To help you manage your project, work with our Special Products and Application Development Engineering (SPADE) team and they will ensure that you get optimum results when using our beryllium metals for structural applications.