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Materion Ceramics is your ideal partner to provide quality, high-performance rods, resistor cores and complex helix support rods.  Extruded, fired and further processed through grinding and tumbling to meet your demanding tolerances.  Thermalox® 995 yields components of outstanding quality, and we have other specialty beryllia formulations available for unique applications.

Beryllia ceramics convey an exceptional combination of properties:

  • Second only to Diamond among electrical insulating materials, Thermalox 995 provides thermal conductivity dissipating 285 W/m•K at room temperature.  

  • Low Dielectric Constant (6.76) and low tanδ dielectric loss tangent (.0004 at 1 MHz), permitting improved circuit performance at high frequencies.

  • A Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of 9 ppm intermediate to silicon or gallium arsenide and metals.

  • Ten times greater thermal conductivity than alumina ceramics.

At Materion Ceramics, we offer extruded rods and resistor cores in standard or customized diameters and lengths.

Standard As-Fired Diameters Include:

  • ø0.054"

  • ø0.078"

  • ø0.132"

  • ø0.217"

  • ø0.270"

We also specialize in complex helix support rods with customized configurations.

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