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Faced with a challenging project? We welcome it. In need of precision and exacting tolerances?  We can achieve it. Looking for an innovative, responsive supplier?  At Materion Electrofusion , our engineering experts address your needs.  We are your source for discs, straight cut (rectangular), tight tolerance machining. We also offer a variety of surface finishes, corrosion-resistant coatings and chemical milling and etching processes.


  • High transmissivity to x-rays.
  • High melting point.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Low electrical resistivity.
  • Very low specific heat at cryogenic temperatures.
  • Very high specific heat at normal and elevated temperatures.
  • Very low neutron capture cross section.


Materion Electrofusion offers several beryllium grades for a variety of applications:

  • Standard Purity, PS-200® (98.5% minimum Be assay.)
  • High Purity, PF-60® (99.0% minimum Be assay.  Recognized as the industry standard)
  • Ultra High Purity, IF-1® (99.8% minimum Be assay.)
  • Mammography Grade Window Assemblies, IS-50M® (99.0% minimum Be assay and radiographically artifact-free.) 


Materion Electrofusion specializes in custom-designed beryllium assemblies, including epoxy-bonded, diffusion bonded, and liquidus brazed windows, UHV flanges, UHV chambers, actively cooled window assemblies, beam pipes, and cryogenic probes.

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