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Materion Electrofusion  offers responsive solutions, providing answers to specific application challenges. IS-50M material is designed specifically for mammography applications that are required to be radiographically artifact free at x-ray energy levels down to 15 KeV. IS-50M beryllium foil is made from high purity cast ingot, and can be joined to a variety of customer-specified frame materials.


The vacuum cast beryllium ingots used to make IS-50M specification material contain a minimum beryllium content of 99.0%, and conform to maximum chemical limits of other compounds.


Flexible manufacturing options are available for foil produced to IS-50M specification to meet application requirements:

  • Available as flat stock in standard thickness ranges from 0.020 – 0.125 in (0.5 – 3.2mm)
  • Supplied cut to shapes such as rectangles, discs and other configurations; the material is available only in vacuum-tight integrity.


Materion Electrofusion provides two proprietary joining methods to meet the needs of your particular application. Depending on assembly geometry, beryllium -temperature brazing techniques, or our proprietary diffusion bonding process.
Advantages of the two, different diffusion bonding processes include:

  • High-temperature brazing techniques
    • Brazed window assemblies are bakeable to 1,200ºF (650ºC)
    • Brazed alloy migration of no more than 0.060 in (1.5mm) into the window’s clear aperture is guaranteed
  • Diffusion bonding process
    • Bakeable to 840ºF (450ºC)
    • Maintains clear aperture to match frame’s physical aperture

All vacuum joints are guaranteed vacuum-tight.


Materion Electrofusion is a trusted supplier providing customers with reliable and high-performance products based on years of engineering expertise. Characteristics of our Beryllium IS-50M include:

  • Surface Quality: Material shall be uniform in quality and condition, clean, sound, and free from foreign materials and from internal and external imperfections detrimental to fabrication or to performance of parts.
  • Surface Finish: The surface finish of standard sheet shall be 63 micro-inches Ra or better. Various thicknesses may be available in different surface finishes. Please consult Materion Electrofusion for availability.
  • Thickness Tolerances:
    • 0.020 - 0.025 in +/- 0.002 in
    • 0.026 - 0.055 in +/ - 0.003 in
    • 0.056 - 0.075 in +/- 0.004 in
    • 0.076 - 0.125 in +/- 0.006 in


Material will be appropriately identified, packaged, and labeled to comply with applicable government regulations and/or standard procedures of Materion Electrofusion .


Handling beryllium in solid form poses no special health risk. Like many industrial materials, beryllium-containing materials may pose a health risk if recommended safe handling practices are not followed.

Inhalation of airborne beryllium may cause a serious lung disorder in susceptible individuals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have set mandatory limits on occupational respiratory exposures.

Read and follow the guidance in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before working with this material. For additional information on safe handling practices or technical data on beryllium, contact Materion Electrofusion.

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To learn more about IS-50M® Beryllium/Ultrahigh Purity Foil Specifications, contact Materion Electrofusion.