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Impermion™ X-ray Window Assemblies

Impermion™ X-ray Window Assemblies form Materion Electrofusion offer a new level of enduring quality and corrosion resistance for x-ray applications.  Offering the same high level of performance that Materion Electrofusion window assemblies are known for, Impermion windows utilize a high-performance, low-cost protective coating that delivers robust corrosion protection and a high rate of x-ray transmissivity.

Corrosion Resistant Window Assemblies

Acids, alkalis and petrochemicals don't stand a chance against Impermion X-ray Window Assemblies.  Each one is protected against destructive elements with a coating that won't impede performance or quality.  Impermion Window Assemblies also have excellent temperature endurance to withstand the manufacturing process and maintain outstanding transmissivity.

For etching reagents, including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, toluene and ethanol gasoline, among other, the corrosion rate of change only ranges from 0.03 - 0.70 percent, with most under 0.10 percent.

 Etching Reagent
Condition Rate of Change (%)
 Hydrochloric acid 10%
 75°C / 120min
 Sulfuric acid 10%
 75°C / 120min
 Nitric acid 10%
 75°C / 120min
 NaOH 10%
 75°C / 120min
 Na4OH 10%
 75°C / 120min
 H2O2  50°C / 120min
 n-Octane  75°C / 120min
 Toluene  75°C / 120min
 Ethanol  75°C / 120min
 2-Propanol (IPA)
 50°C / 120min
 Gasoline  60°C / 120min
 Gasoline/Methanol (85/15 vol%)
 75°C / 120min
 Gasoline/Ethanol (15/85 vol%)
 75°C / 120min

Custom designed and built for each industry and application's specific needs, these OEM window assemblies can be produced in a range of purity grades and thicknesses and in a variety of frame materials.  Customers have a wide range of metallic target coatings options, including:  molybdenum, rhodium, silver, tungsten and gold.  Other coating materials are available upon request.

High Performance, Low Cost Window Assemblies

Low-cost Impermion X-ray Window Assemblies are available in both prototype and production quantities.  Analytical, industrial, and medical industries can benefit from Impermion's short ramp-up times, which allow manufacturers to easily integrate the x-ray window assemblies into their processes.

Materion has been a central source of beryllium metal products since 1931, with its own ore reserves and mining capabilities.  Materion's business structure allows the processing of raw materials from extraction through refinement.  This unique capability positions Materion as the only fully-integrated source for beryllium x-ray windows and vacuum hardware for the analytical, industrial, medical and scientific industries.

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