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The field of high end audio speakers, both for the professional and consumer loudspeaker markets, is developing rapidly. Leading manufacturers in these areas are relentless in their search for materials which will improve the accuracy, frequency response and sensitivity of their systems while helping the environment.  

Truextent Advanced Acoustic TechnologyBeryllium offers a unique combination of properties not found in any other acoustic material, and is available as domes and ribbons for OEMs, or as complete compression driver diaphragm assemblies for OEM, aftermarket replacement, and audiophile applications.  When compared to other commercially-available materials, Truextent brand Genuine Acoustic Beryllium, and BeX™ brand beryllium diaphragm assemblies from Materion Electrofusion undoubtedly yield the finest sounding tweeters, compression drivers, microphones, and transducers.

A whitepaper presented at the 2011 ALMA European Symposium compares Truextent brand Acoustic Beryllium to titanium and aluminum, and shows why Truextent brand Acoustic Beryllium is the superior material.


Since 1990, Materion Electrofusion  has been supplying Genuine Acoustic Beryllium to the majority of transducer manufacturers who utilize genuine beryllium in their designs.  We currently supply 100% of the Truextent Genuine Acoustic Beryllium domes and foils around the globe.

Beginning in 2007, we expanded our acoustic manufacturing expertise and developed the capability to produce compression driver diaphragm assemblies.  Available as an off-the-shelf aftermarket replacement, or as full-custom OEM components in production quantities, we have combined premiere materials and design practices with our 45+ years of precision manufacturing experience and supply chain management to yield the ultimate in diaphragm assemblies.

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