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Leading manufacturers of high end audio speakers need materials that will improve the sensitivities, efficiencies, and overall performance of their systems.  Materion Electrofusion offers many solutions to fit these needs.

Truextent® Genuine Beryllium offers a combination of properties not found in any other common acoustic materials.  Truextent Genuine Beryllium is available in the following forms:

  • Domes with and without surrounds from our library of standard geometries
  • Custom fabricated domes for OEM
  • Custom fabricated cones for OEM
  • Custom designed and fabricated compression driver diaphragm assemblies for OEM
  • Custom ribbon designs for OEM   


When compared to other commercially-available materials, Truextent genuine beryllium domes, cones and ribbons undoubtedly yield the finest sounding drivers.  Truextent genuine beryllium has the highest stiffness to density ratio of all commercial driver materials. This allows direct radiator, compression driver, and ribbon assemblies to have a lower overall mass, greatly improving the responsiveness while maintaining rigidity over a wide frequency range. The resonate “breakup” frequencies are shifted far higher than traditional aluminum and titanium components.


Not all beryllium components are the same.  Pure beryllium domes can behave differently, depending on their manufacturing process and grain structure. Our Truextent genuine beryllium designs are fabricated from extremely thin sheet material (typically 25µm to 50µm thick) for superior performance.  Truextent genuine beryllium is made using a proprietary rolling process that results in a unique grain structure. 


Materion owns its own beryllium mine in Delta, Utah and a beryllium refinery in Elmore, Ohio, so an ongoing supply of pure beryllium is ensured.  Rolling and fabrication operations of Truextent genuine beryllium components is conducted at the Materion Electrofusion plant located in Fremont, California.  Materion Electrofusion is also the home of our staff of metallurgist, mechanical and electro-acoustics engineers, along with a complete R&D lab and a state-of-the-art manufacturing floor.

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When you partner with Materion Electrofusion for your acoustic application needs, you will receive a superior product.  Contact Materion Electrofusion for more information.