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Materion Electrofusion, the leading supplier to linear accelerator and collider research centers since 1966, specializes in the design, fabrication and testing of high performance beryllium beam pipe assemblies for applications demanding extreme vacuum integrity, and repeated high temperature bake-outs.


Beam pipes offered by Materion Electrofusion have many features and benefits, including:

  • Actively cooled assemblies 
  • Bakeable to 300°C
  • Brazed assemblies bakeable to 450ºC
  • CAD/CAM—manufacturable, cost-effective solutions
  • Certified vacuum integrity 
  • Custom testing available 
  • Excellent longitudinal and transverse stability 
  • Excellent X-Ray and atomic particle transmissivity
  • Prototype proven solutions
  • Simple Assembly / disassembly
  • Tight tolerances on roundness and straightness


Our beryllium beam pipes are routinely manufactured in lengths from 1 in to over 30 feet (25mm – 10m) with outside diameters from 0.5 – 24 in (12.5 – 600mm)and wall thicknesses ranging from 0.010 – 0.100 in (0.25 – 2.5mm).


Beam pipes can be made from beryllium sheets that are hot-formed and seamed with a longitudinal splice, or from sections of machined seamless Be tube, welded circumferentially to make longer pipes. Finished pipes can be tested with differential pressures while subjected to long-term vacuum bakeouts.

As for extremely specialized applications, we’ve designed beryllium beam pipes to withstand differential pressure as high as nine atmospheres. If required, our pipes can also be tested in compression or tensile loading conditions.

Standard or customized pipe extensions and fittings made of aluminum, titanium or stainless steel can be epoxy-bonded, welded or brazed to the beryllium pipe. As a means of increasing electrical conductivity, the pipe inside diameter can also be lined with high-conductivity materials including:

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Silver

Materion Electrofusion beryllium beam pipes can sustain bake-out temperatures to 300°C, and are guaranteed leak tight to a helium mass spectrometer sensitivity of 1x10-9 atm-cc/sec. Special testing at higher sensitivities is available upon request.

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