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  • Actively-cooled assemblies
  • Beryllium beam pipes
  • Conflat window assemblies
  • Cylindrical, domed and formed windows
  • Radiation shields and vacuum shrouds
  • UHV chambers


Research laboratories around the world have come to rely extensively on Materion Electrofusion’s ability to braze or weld beryllium x-ray windows into simple or complex UHV chambers. These custom built chambers are used for demanding and unusual x-ray diffraction applications, including crystal growth and analysis.

  • Beryllium x-ray window-equipped UHV chambers manufactured by Materion Electrofusion offer many features and benefits:
  • Built-in water-cooling lines
  • Extremely accurate layouts
  • Large angle x-ray transmission
  • Leak tight and bakeable to 300°C/450°C for electron beam welded/brazed respectively
  • Unique and intricate designs

Finished chamber assemblies are tested with a He mass spectrometer leak detector, calibrated to a sensitivity of 1x10-9 atm-cc/sec.


Materion Electrofusion believes in long-term customer relationships. As the foundation for this collaborative partnership, our engineers work closely with customers, from project beginning to end, to ensure application requirements are met. Working with your design requirements, our engineers use CAD/CAM services to provide an extremely accurate layout of detailed components. Joints can be electron beam welded, TIG welded or even vacuum brazed, depending upon your application’s requirements.Cylindrical shapes can be either hot formed or machined as seamless cylinders.

As the last step in this phase, our engineering department will create and submit approval prints of chamber designs for customer review and acceptance to ensure the final plan meets your needs.


We are the world experts in the design and fabrication of chambers with integrated beryllium windows:

Various window geometries are routinely fabricated, including electronic beam welded arc-segments (most common), 360° rings or sleeves and flat disks.

  • Any material grade, from ultrahigh purity IF-1 (99.8% Be) to standard purity PS-200® (98.0% Be), can be selected depending on which is best suited for the applications.
  • UHV chamber housings are constructed using inside welds to eliminate virtual leaks, accomplished through the use of an aluminum/stainless steel transition material.
  • Bakeout temperatures in excess of 300°C can be accommodated – beryllium windows will be diffusion bonded to its housing in order to achieve the higher bakeout requirement.
  • Chambers can also be pre-qualified by thermal cycling to specified temperatures and time rates.
  • Differential pressure testing and vacuum bakeout under differential load are also available.

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