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The design team often says of our multi-alloy capabilities: “if you can draw it, we can make it.” Routinely working with over 200 alloys – steel, copper, titanium, aluminum and refractory as well as precious metals – Materion is a global supplier of clad metals to technology leaders in every market. From smart phones to automotive electronics, medical devices to mining, our custom materials and drop-in solutions can bring your next generation product designs to life.

Thermal management? Extreme vibration? High voltage? Galvanic corrosion? Light-weighting? Contact resistance? Weldability? We have a clad metal solution for it all.

Talk to our design team to create your own diverse property material to solve the next requirement of today’s sophisticated electronic, mechanical and thermal applications.

Put our clad metal solutions to the test through our FAST PROTOTYPE production cell.

CONDUCTIVE eSTAINLESS STEELS: Improved Thermal Management

Enhance performance and reliability by converting structural components into heat spreaders with Materion’s eStainless® material. A fully formable clad metal laminate of stainless steel and aluminum or copper, eStainless material maintains high stiffness with 10-15x the greater conductivity.

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DOVETAIL CLAD METAL: High Volume Cu-to-Al Assembly Efficiency for Li-Ion Batteries

Our patented side-by-side cladding process joins copper and aluminum in long continuous master coils for high-volume, low-cost laser assembly. Dovetail Clad® bus bar and lead tab materials have the lowest electrical resistance of any copper/aluminum interface for cooler lithium-ion packs. Low height and narrow joint widths enable compact, flexible designs.

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iON CONNECTORS: Reliability Under the Hood

iON Connectors are developed for high performance and stability amidst extreme temperature and vibrations. These specialty diffused layer alloys outperform electroplating and offer reduced gold content per connector.

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FUEL CELL MATERIALS: High Temperature Corrosion Seals

Fuel cell and other high temperature assemblies require robust formability, weldability and excellent corrosion protection. Our special stainless steel/aluminum/nickel system creates a ceramic-like structure after in situ thermal diffusion, outperforming any metal system in holt molten carbonate environments.

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STAINLESS CONNECTORS: Performing Even in Exhaust Gas

To supply a stable electrical contact over long periods in extremely harsh environments and high temperatures, Materion has created a stainless steel-based system inlaid with a thermally stable, high performance, multi-layer gold/palladium alloy.

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MEDICAL ELECTRONIC FOILS: Selective Inlays Combine Power and Resistance

To produce a material system that combines low electrical contact resistance with high-resistivity sections, Materion Technical Materials clads selective inlays of high-performance precious metal alloys into high-resistance substrate foils less than .001" thick. These thin foils can then be etched into precision heating filaments for high energy drug vaporization.

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SPRING CONTACTS: Eliminate Multi-Component Assemblies

Eliminate assembly costs and replace a three-piece relay of base plate, spring arm, and discrete electrical contact with a single material for stamping. Our electron beam welded strip with a thin gauge, high-performance alloy creates the reed portion of the relay with an integral inlaid gold/palladium/silver alloy contact point.

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INLAY OR TOPLAY SOLDERS: Improve Soldering Yields and Quality

Eliminate solder pastes or pre-forms and avoid additional assembly costs or yield losses due to variability of solder volume and locations. Materion  offers a pre-solder strip solution, either as an inlay or toplay. The solder is precisely placed on the strip prior to stamping, and our pre-fluxing of solder stripes further simplifies assembly and improves final product yield.

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WIREBOND LEADFRAMES: Automotive Safety Control Systems

To guarantee ultimate reliability and performance of control modules, Materion created aluminum inlay materials for bonding aluminum wire to pure aluminum bond pads. Unlike electroplated bond pads, this material offers extremely high process yields and robust life testing.

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