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Electrical connectors depend on stable contact materials to provide reliable long term performance with minimal signal distortion. Electroplating is a widely accepted process to apply these contact finishes for high volume manufacturing, and Materion has over 30 years of experience producing high quality reel-to-reel electroplated products. With expertise in overall, spot and selective plating, Materion has the process technologies to enable our customers to succeed in challenging applications.


Precious Metals are commonly used in electrical connector applications for their resistance to tarnish and stability in unfavorable environments. Typically, these are silver, palladium or hard gold based – or they may also be multilayer systems such as gold-capped palladium in order to reduce precious metal usage. 

Advanced IPC controls on Technical Materials' selective plating and spot plating lines permit precision placement of precious metals to produce high quality materials as well as to keep metal factors down for economical products.


Tin is a widely used electrical contact finish due to its malleability and the ability to easily displace tin oxide at the mating surfaces. Materion offers both matte and bright tin as overall plating or in selective stripes. Additionally, tin plating can be combined with noble metal contacts to provide corrosion resistance to the connector spring alloy.

Electroplating is the process technology of choice for the majority of connector and terminal materials but may not be appropriate for every application. When performance requirements stretch the limits of what electroplating can offer, we recommend our iON Connector solutions for harsh environments.

Contact our metallurgists to find the right electroplated electrical connector materials for your application.