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Copper Aluminum Dovetail Clad is a breakthrough technology  for joining copper and aluminum side-by-side in long continuous master coils. These coils can easily be stamped and formed to create busbars or lead tabs, enabling high-volume, low-cost laser assembly especially fitted to automotive format lithium-ion battery packs.  Based on nearly 50 years of expertise in cladding aluminum to copper for high-reliability automotive lead frame applications, Materion Technical Materials has taken their state-of-the-art metal cladding technology to a new level to meet the challenges facing every lithium-ion battery cell and pack designer:  how to join copper and aluminum in your battery pack. To learn how our Copper-Aluminum Dovetail Clad® Metal Technology enables laser welding in your battery pack, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW:

Copper  Aluminum Dovetail Clad Battery Busbars Battery Lead Tabs

Our cladding process achieves an excellent metallurgical bond by combining extreme reductions in cross-sectional area and thermal diffusion to create a controlled formation of a “thin” intermetallic compound resulting in a robust copper-aluminum dovetail joint which matches the strength and fatigue toughness of the aluminum alloy.


  • Superior mechanical, electrical, & thermal performance over ultrasonic or bolted attachments.
  • No resistance or thermal rise at dovetail joint
  • Narrow joint widths (4mm max)
  • Overall thickness range from 0.1mm to 2.0mm
  • Overall widths up to 165mm

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Clad Metal Technology can solve your battery pack assembly challenges.

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