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Busbar Material for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

As the electrification of automobiles moves towards mass production, OEMs are faced with the serious challenge of greatly reducing the cost of their battery packs.  Eliminating high-cost manual assembly by using high-speed automated laser welding is the industry trend.  However, this poses another challenge: reliably joining dissimilar metals of copper and aluminum terminals and busbars.

Materion's Copper Aluminum Dovetail Clad® Solution

Cladding copper and aluminum side-by-side eliminates the metallurgical instability of laser welding copper to aluminum by facilitating same metal welding of busbars to terminals.

Copper  Aluminum Dovetail Clad Battery Busbars

Product Features:

  • Copper  Aluminum Dovetail Clad Battery Busbars
  • Superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal performance over ultrasonic and bolted connections.
  • No resistance or thermal rise at Dovetail joint.
  • Dovetail joint strength matches that of the aluminum alloy.
  • Dovetail joint lifetime stability exceeds 20 years at operating temperatures below 200oC.
  • Narrow joint widths (4mm max) 


 Busbar Clad

Product Benefits:

  • Reduce pack assembly cost
  • Continuous master coils compatible with high-volume stamping
  • Dovetail joint can easily be formed into compliant busbars


  • A91100, A93003
  • C10200 - with or without Nickel or Tin plating
  • Thicknesses 0.1mm up to 2.0mm
  • Widths up to 165mm

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