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Lead Tab Material for Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells

Lithium-Ion battery chemistries force cell designers to use copper anodes and aluminum cathodes presenting  pack designers with the serious challenge of connecting dissimilar metal terminals to their bussing systems……UNTIL NOW!

Materion's Copper Aluminum Dovetail Clad® Solution

Replacing either your anode or cathode with a copper-aluminum Dovetail lead tab, results in both positive and negative terminals presenting as the same material outside the cell.  While your attachment within the cell stays the same, this dramatically simplifies laser attachment of your bussing system to the terminals outside of the cell by eliminating the challenge of welding dissimilar metals. 

Lead Tab Material for Lithium Ion Pouch Cells Lead Tab Material for Lithium Ion Pouch Cells 

Product Benefits:

  • Reduced pack assembly cost
  • During tab assembly Dovetail joint is precisely positioned under PP Film, eliminating galvanic corrosion concerns
Dovetail Lead Tab with tape 

Product Features:

  • Superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal performance over ultrasonic connections
  • No resistance or thermal rise at Dovetail joint
  • Dovetail joint strength and fatigue toughness matches that of aluminum alloy
  • Narrow joint widths (4mm max)
  • Foil thicknesses available down to 0.1mm


  • A91100>
  • >C10200 - with or without Nickel or Tin plating

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