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Alloying is what makes most metals functional – the Aluminum in airplanes, Steel for bridges and Gold jewelry all rely on alloying to provide their properties.  Electrical contact finishes are no different, and smart metallurgy enables high performance terminal materials that stand up to the world’s extreme environments – or maybe just to reduce your costs.

What are iON Connector Materials?

iON Connector Materials are engineered alternatives to Electroplated contact finishes.  Using alloys of Silver, Palladium and Gold, these solutions improve temperature and wear performance while reducing exposure to expensive precious metals.

The engineered metal systems used in ion connectors were developed with harsh conditions in mind; whether the objective is Gold Replacement, High Wear Performance, or High Temperature Stability, these materials outshine electroplated systems when performance matters. 

Ion Chart

The improved performance properties are derived from the alloyed microstructure of ion materials.  Manufactured as an inlay clad to spring alloys in selective stripes, ion connectors are formed from bulk metals creating fully dense structures with large grain size.  With overall contact layer thicknesses down to 0.5 µm, ion materials can be drop-in replacements to electroplated gold and palladium systems. Each iON material is specifically formulated for its application.

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