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From tiny surface mount resistors used in handheld electronics to heavy gauge shunts for lithium ion battery management, Materion’s metal strip resistor materials enable production of components for a broad range of dimensions and ohmic values.  Provided as coils of composite strip that are easily stamped and formed, our resistor materials promote efficient manufacture of highly stable and reliable components. 

Resister Coil Structure Materion’s resistor materials are engineered for your application and often may combine many of Technical Materials' hybrid material technologies:  

Materion Technical Materials has been a leader in Electron Beam Welding of metal strip since 1974. This high throughput vacuum process securely joins materials side-by-side with narrow fusion zones, which have minimal impact on electrical properties. Welded resistor products are available in gauges as small as 0.05mm and as thick as 4mm. Contact Us for more information about capabilities and tolerances.  Groover Copper

Cladding and Profiling is another common choice for resistor material manufacturing and allows smaller geometries than are available with Electron Beam Welding to minimize footprints and achieve low resistive values.  An example of the strip for these clad resistor products is shown here with tinned copper terminals and a precision-machine resistive gap.  Multiple grooves can be provided in a single wide coil to improve throughput and reduce costs.

We process any commercially available resistor alloys, but also offer Materion R270 – a Copper-Manganese-Nickel alloy cast with Materion’s EquaCast® process to provide unparalleled composition control and uniformity -- and ultimately make higher performance resistors.