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In semiconductor systems, Lead Frames form the electronic transition between the chip level and the outside macro-scale world.  Often, these are assembled using ultrasonic bonds of fine aluminum wires to link the semiconductor chip to the bondable lead frame. To communicate with the outside world, lead frame materials then have connector terminals with stable contact surfaces.  Using our Hybrid Material Technologies, Materion produces large coils of composite lead frame materials with this functionality, enabling large volume manufacturing of high reliability electronic packaging materials.

Wire Bondable Lead Frames

Materion offers time-tested solutions for Aluminum Wire Bonding, including economical Nickel-Phosphorous Electroplating and Clad Aluminum Inlay technologies.   Combined with high performance copper alloys, these technologies enable press-fit and compliant pin technologies. Additionally, Materion's new clad HSA Lead Frame Technology offers the new cost leader in wire bondable materials.