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Materion’s new Durox® family of family of alumina ceramics provides a cost effective solution for applications that require dimensional stability, high thermal stability and low thermal expansion in a form that can be made to very tight tolerances.

Durox technical ceramics are used in a range of applications, including photonics/ lasers, defense, energy, telecommunications, and semiconductor manufacturing. Durox ceramics disperse heat evenly, allowing electrical circuits to run more efficiently. They are ideal for semiconductors, heat sinks, substrates, laser tubing and resistor cores.

Durox products come in a range of purities and shapes with properties to match your advanced ceramics needs.


Durox alumina ceramics offer a wide range of beneficial properties such as high temperature stability, low thermal expansion, high dielectric strength, corrosion resistance, optimum wear resistance, excellent RF properties, resistance to etching, high stiffness to weight ratio and biocompatibility. These high purity alumina offer hardness surpassed only by diamond, but at a fraction of the cost.


The Durox family of aluminum oxide ceramics (Al2O3) come in several grades to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications:

  • Durox 98, the newest addition to the Durox family, is 97.6% pure Al2O3. This is our most cost-effective alumina ceramic option for ceramic components.
  • Durox AL is 99.8% pure, offering higher tensile strength, dielectric strength and thermal conductivity.
  • Durox UHP is 99.9% pure with the highest thermal conductivity, elastic modulus and smallest grain size (1 micron) of all the Durox products.

For more information and to compare properties for our Durox alumina ceramics, download the Ceramics Material Properties Chart.


Materion can produce Durox alumina ceramics in several standard and custom shapes. These engineered ceramics can be formed through dry-pressing, isopressing and extrusion.

For small ceramic parts, dry-pressed Durox alumina can be formed into disks, heat sinks, plates, TO packages, washers, and small resistor cores.

For larger shapes, Durox when put through a cold isostatic pressing, can be made into tubes, rods, blocks and ceramic crucibles. Materion also offers custom machining and shapes for Durox alumina ceramics, to meet your specifications.

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