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Materion Ceramics is a full-service advanced Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramics (Beryllia) manufacturer.  We are the global leader in engineering and manufacturing beryllium oxide ceramics that enable our customers to achieve superior levels of product strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings and thermal management capabilities. 


Materion is the world’s only fully integrated developer and supplier of engineered beryllium ceramic materials, from mining to R&D to full production. We manufacture beryllium oxide ceramic products at our Tucson, Arizona manufacturing facility which are distributed globally.


Our products are available in various ceramic forms and are specifically engineered for thermal conductivity properties in the following products:

 Material Purity Thermal Conductivity
 BW3250®  99.5% BeO
325 W/m•K
 Thermalox® 995
 99.5% BeO
285 W/m•K
 BW 1000®  99.5% BeO
 275 W/m•K
 Thermalox® CR
 99.7% BeO
250 W/m•K

The Materion Advantage

Materion Ceramics' beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic materials are in high demand due to their superior performance at high temperatures along with a thermal conductivity second only to diamond among insulating materials.

Materion’s Beryllium Oxide ceramics (Beryllia) offer solutions to any component that must provide high thermal conductivity in conjunction with electrical resistivity.  Building on our unique combination of materials forming, firing and fabrication technologies, we are rapidly expanding our product portfolio to provide the next generation of beryllia ceramic materials.

Typical Beryllium Oxide Ceramics Advantages

Materion’s BeO Ceramic Materials are ideal in thermal management applications when the following design considerations are critical:

  • The physical size of the device or the enclosure is reduced. 
  • The device is exposed to high ambient temperatures
  • Airflow or liquid cooling is not practical or prohibitively expensive
  • Ideal materials for heat sinks in electronic circuits
  • Ideal crucible material for melting and sintering operations providing superior performance at very high temperatures.

Typical Beryllium Oxide Ceramics Applications


  • Gas lasers for DNA and tissue analysis
  • Confocal and wide field florescence microscopy equipment
  • Portable defibrillators
  • Telecom Infrastructure
    • Transistors and terminations in wireless system


  • High end laser diodes for commercial systems
  • Industrial laser metal cutting and marking equipment
  • Long range fiber optic transmission

Semiconductor handling equipment

  • End-effectors and arm components
  • Wafer chucks
  • Crucibles for high temperature melting


  • Oil and gas exploration
  • In situ X-ray analysis for down-hole drilling
  • Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems
  • Optoelectronics
  • Transmitters, receivers, modulators and switches
  • Power amplifiers and drivers

Military and Aerospace

  • Radar modules
  • Guidance modules
  • Microwave and millimeter-wave communications modules

Wireless Communications

  • Point-to-point and point-to-multi point radios
  • Satellite communication modules