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Beryllia ceramics convey an exceptional combination of properties:

  • Second only to Diamond among electrical insulating materials, premium BeO ceramics provide a thermal conductivity ranging from 275 to 325 W/m•K at room temperature.
  • Low Dielectric Constant (6.7) and low tanδ dielectric loss tangent (.0004 at 1 MHz), permitting improved circuit performance at high frequencies.
  • A Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of 9 ppm intermediate to silicon or gallium arsenide and metals.
  • Ten times greater thermal conductivity than alumina ceramics.

For more information about Materion Ceramics' Thermalox® 995, BW 1000®, BW3250®, or other beryllium oxide materials, please contact Materion Ceramics.

  • CNC Surface Grinding
    • CNC grinding is a machining function used when a customer's design has extremely tight tolerances (as low as 0.00008", 80 millionths). Such tight tolerances can only be achieved by surface grinding the material. This process is also used to add in complex features such as grooves, notches, chamfers, radii, and profiles (with custom form wheels). It is recommended that Materion Ceramics' BW1000 material be used which exhibits superior machinability due to low grain size.
  • Ultrasonic Drilling
    • Ultrasonic drilling is used when a customer's tube or laser bore design has tighter tolerances on the ID than can be achieved by pressing. The ID of the tube or bores has to be drilled instead of pressed in. Hole range to be 0.030" - 0.200" with a straightness of up to 0.0001" inch per inch.
  • OD/ID Grinding
    • OD/ID grinding is a machining function that is used when a customer’s design has a tighter tolerance on the OD and/or ID profiling than can be met by pressing alone. The part is OD and/or ID ground to meet specifications. This type of machining can also apply any form, including threads, to tolerances as low as 0.0001”.
  • CNC Milling
    • CNC milling is a machining function that is used primarily to machine green (unfired) ceramic to near net shape. This reduces the amount of post fired machining which is more time consuming and therefore costly. This function can also be used to mill in pockets, grooves, etc.

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