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Aluminum nickel bronze, (UNS C95510) is an aluminum-nickel-bronze alloy that combines high strength, ductility and good abrasion resistance under severe loading conditions. Our alloy meets the AMS 4880 and AMS 4640 standard. It can be used to make aircraft bushing and bearings, to light weight aircraft and provide more corrosion resistance.

To learn more about aluminum nickel bronze physical and mechanical properties, forms, sizes and tolerances, download our C95510 data sheet.


Using our proprietary EquaCast® technology, we are able to produce a highly uniform microstructure and dispersion of elements. Our aluminum nickel bronze C95510 offers many physical benefits when compared to traditional alloys:

  • Higher and more consistent mechanical properties – higher yield strength and ductility minimums on product over 1.0 in. and typical mechanical property values of 20 - 30% above specification minimums.
  • Improved service life – enhanced corrosion resistance and fatigue life due to the alloy dispersion and refined “wrought-like” microstructure.
  • Superior quality - less likely to produce porosity than other casting methods.
  • Cost effectiveness – commonly allowed as a substitute for AMS 4640, saving weight and machining time.


Aluminum nickel bronze, C95510 is commonly used in demanding aerospace applications, including bushings, spherical and rod end bearings, rub pads, and wear strips, as well as in oil and gas applications.


Aluminum Nickle Bronze is approved as:

  • UNS C95510
  • AMS 4880 and AMS 4640

To get more info about our aluminum nickel bronze, (UNS C95510), talk with our engineers.