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C-103 Niobium Alloy for High Performance Space Applications

Now available from Materion, C-103 niobium alloy is well-suited for rocket and jet propulsion applications including spacecraft and launch vehicles.

C-103 niobium alloy, formerly part of the H.C. Starck product line, is well-suited for rocket and jet propulsion applications utilized in spacecraft and launch vehicles. C-103 niobium alloy also has excellent resistance to high frequency vibrations at cryogenic temperatures, as occur in many satellite applications, because of its low ductile-to-brittle transition temperature.

 Available Forms and Fabrication

Niobium C103 Material

Dimensions inches

Dimensions cm

Bar and Rod 

1.5 in. - 6.5 in. diameter 

3.81 cm - 16.51 cm


0.024 in. - 0.1875 in. thick, up to 24 in. width

.06 cm - .48 cm, up to 61 cm width


0.1875 in. - 1 in. thick, common widths 

.06 cm - 2.54 cm


up to 9.5 in. diameter

up to 24.1 cm


as requested 


Niobium C- 103 Powder 

additive manufacturing


Fabrication Parts 

per customer specification



C-103 niobium alloy meets ASTM B652, B654, B655, AMS7852 and AMS7857 specifications.

Learn more about niobium C-103 alloy for space applications in our Data Sheet.

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