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Inorganic chemicals and thin film coating materials

Available in a variety of materials & forms - sputtering targets, powders, pellets, slugs and grains. 

Materion encompasses the former CERAC, which gives our customers the advantage of 50 years of comprehensive chemical expertise. Our specialty materials support the architectural and automotive glass industry as well as providing physical vapor deposition (PVD) materials required for a variety of thin film coating. 

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Sampling of some of our available inorganic materials:

     > Arsenides    > Beryllium Chemicals   > Borides    > Carbides 
   > Hydrides    > Fluoride Compositions   > Nitrides     >Oxides
   > Phosphides    > Phosphor Materials    > Pure Metals    > Selenides
   > Silicides    > Sulfides    > Tellurides    > Thorium
       >Thorium Fluoride Alternatives