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Arsenides in the exact composition and form to meet your exact specifications!

While arsenides can be difficult to manufacture due to acid fumes, high melting point and reactivity, Materion's chemical expertise enables us to produce a wide range of materials.

Arsenic Materials Include:
> AsBr3    > AsCl3    > AsI   > As2O3    > As2O5    > As2Se3    > As2Te3    > and more 

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Arsenide compositions

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Custom arsenide compositions to meet your precise requirements. Manufacturing processes can vary by product, application process & end use.


Standard & custom compositions and forms are available in pieces, lumps and powders. Applications include:

  • Strengthening Cu and Pb alloys
  • Semiconductors and electronic devices
  • Optoelectronics devices such as LEDs
  • Solar cells
  • Pesticides & insecticides


 Our extensive materials handling and processing expertise enable us to:

  • Work with environmentally sensitive & reactive materials
  • Offer induction melting, vacuum & inert processing
  • Adapt materials to exact specifications
  • Develop new, experimental materials with tailored physical properties
  • Scale manufacturing quantities from R&D to full production levels

From concept to customer, your new product is fully supported by our talented team of chemists, environmental health & safety experts and packaging specialists.