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Our expertise in advanced chemical materials, along with extensive manufacturing capabilities, makes Materion the go-to supplier for specialty evaporation fluorides.  Among these are non-radioactive fluoride compounds, such as YF3, YbF3, CeF3, BaF2, CIROM-IRX™ and LaF3, which are substitute candidates for Thorium Fluoride (ThF4). Depending upon your application, you may opt to consider using such alternatives.   

Thorium fluoride specialty compositions:

Item Number  Item Name  Formula  Size  Purity 
 A-1218  Aluminum Fluoride  AlF3  3-6mm pcs  Typ. 99.5% Pure
 B-1105  Barium Fluoride  BaF2  3-6 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure
 H-1043  Hafnium Fluoride  HfF4  3-6 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure
 L-1159  Lanthanum Fluoride  LaF3  8-9 x 5-7 mm tablets  Typ. 99.9% pure
 Y-1049  Yttrium Fluoride  YF3  3-12 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure
 Y-1051  Ytterbium Fluoride  YbF3  3-12 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure
 I-3000  CIROM-IRX™  IRX  1-3 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure
 I-3005  IRB  IRB  1-3 mm pcs  Typ. 99.9% pure

Note: Additional sizes, purities and fluoride materials are available.

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Manufacturing processes can vary by product, application and end use.    


Government hazardous materials regulations require companies that deal with radioactive materials to comply with certain restrictions.  Among the requirements is the need to obtain a “specific” license and expand radiation safety programs. 

Guidelines for complying with the 2013 regulations can be found by clicking here for "Guidance for Implementation of the Final Rule - Distribution of Source Material to Exempt Persons and to General Licensees (10 CFR 30, 40, 70, 170 & 171)."


Materion has addressed the requirements of the regulations and is fully compliant. For technical support in using ThF4 replacement products, please contact us.