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Materion offers AlBeCast®, an investment cast beryllium aluminum alloy with many of the same mechanical properties of AlBeMet®, but available at a more economical cost. AlBeCast is offered in two variations, AlBecast 910 and 920, which offer varying levels of yield and tensile strength.

These casting alloys provide designers with several advantages in fabrication. Casting is a near net-shape process that requires less product than conventional machining. In addition, the time needed for machining cast parts is reduced. The combination of reduced material and fabrication costs can be substantial. The high specific stiffness and low-density of AlBeCast means it can be used to reduce the weight of aerospace components and aviation electronics housings.



AlBeCast can be manufactured into optical components, electronic housing, avionics packaging and automotive parts. This alloy can also be cast in rapid prototyping process which can speed up the testing of various designs.

Read more about AlBeCast, by downloading the design and fabrications guidelines.


AlBeCast® 910

AlBeCast® 920

Aluminum A357-T6

Titanium 6AL-4V

AlSiC F3A205-T6

Density g/cm3 (lb/in3)

2.17 (0.078)

2.18 (0.078)

2.69 (0.097)

4.43 (0.160)

2.69 (0.097)

CTE @ 25oC ppm/oC (ppm/oF)

14.6 (8.1)

14.2 (7.9)

21.5 (11.9)

9.3 (5.2)

16.4 (9.1)

Modulus GPa (Msi)

193 (28)

202 (29.3)

72 (10.5)

110 (16)

72 (10.5)

Yield Strength, MPa (ksi)

165 (24)

220 (32)

248 (36)

880 (128)

165 (24)

Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi)

211 (31)

269 (39)

317 (46)

950 (138)

196 (28)


AlBeCast 910 is a ternary beryllium aluminum nickel alloy. It has a relatively high specific modulus, good ductility and reasonably good strength. The addition of nickel reduces the thermal expansion coefficient, increases tensile properties and improves castability. This makes it a cost efficient material for housing for avionics electronics or other aerospace applications.

Download the AlBeCast 910 Data Sheet.


AlBeCast 920 alloy is equivalent to AMS 7918. This is a beryllium aluminum alloy containing silver, cobalt and germanium. The silver and cobalt are added to increase strength, while germanium is added for improved castability. AlBeCast 920 has a higher specific strength than AlBeCast 910; however, AlBeCast 920’s ductility is lower and the cost is higher and more variable.

Talk with our engineers to inquire about how AlBeCast can meet your requirements.