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Inadequate cooling impacts the reliability and life of semiconductor components. These parts often fail or are damaged when exposed to excessive temperatures. Materion manufactures metal shims and heat spreaders composed of pure metals, alloys or clad that are plated with nickel (Ni) and/or nickel and gold (Ni and Au). As such, these parts are able to deliver superior thermal management for microelectronic packaging to protect against overheating.


Thermal management takes into account the process behind electrical and thermal conductivity between die and substrate. Electronic components like shims and heat spreaders interconnect between a semiconductor and its packaging, and are attached to substrates that are able to dissipate heat. Choices of materials and preforms contribute to how successful that process is. Materion manufactures flexible die attach preforms, Moly Tabs and Bonding Tabs, which will eliminate thermal expansion.

Moly Tabs
To understand Moly Tabs function in thermal management, you need to be aware that die are small blocks of semiconducting material on which a circuit is fabricated. Die attach preforms (Moly Tabs) are:

  • used as die mounts that act as thermal conductors and buffers to compensate for thermal expansion mismatch between the die and substrate (wafer)
  • easily removed for re-use
  • either clad materials or plated according to customer specifications

Bonding Tabs
Another die attach custom preform with two layers of clad material, and include:

  • Bonding tabs are die attached preforms with two layers of clad material, typically copper, Kovar or Alloy 42 as the base material, aluminum as the top layer, and gold-silicon, gold-germanium or gold-tin solder as a typical bottom clad layer
  • Bonding pads resolve several problems by providing aluminum surfaces for wire bonding. This eliminates issues with “purple plague” (a brittle compound that can create cavities in metal interfaces) and “down-bonding”
  • Bonding tabs have their own solder and therefore can be placed anywhere in the microelectronic package


Materion offers a range of durable die attach preforms and custom clad products for thermal management with the following benefits:

  • Preforms are offered in a range of shapes including squares, rectangles, discs and custom specialty shapes to meet your needs
  • Materion has an extensive tooling library and in-house tooling capabilities
  • Preforms are available in a variety of dimensions, down to a thickness of 0.005” and areas as small as 0.015 in2
  • Stamped in choice of metals that include molybdenum, copper, aluminum, nickel and Ni-clad Mo
  • Plated with Ni, or Ni+Au

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