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Our solder & braze powders deliver high temperature solutions for your microelectronic packaging requirements...

Available in a wide range of solder/braze alloys, including precious metals, and in a variety of sieve and mesh sizes to meet your needs. Our exceptional spherical shaped particles and total impurity levels below 100 ppm, provide superior vacuum joining of electronic devices.

View our Charts of Available Powders and Brazing Alloys for more information.

CONTACT US! We provide optimal brazing solutions for cost-effective soldering.


  • Our proprietary process yields uniform braze powder with low carbon & oxygen levels and high purity for consistent performance
  • Our powders are available in a wide range of lead-containing and lead-free alloys. Our lead-free alloys include alloys containing precious metals (palladium, silver or gold)
  • We custom-blend sieve sizes to meet your specific mesh designations. Standard mesh sizes are also available in a range of mesh sizes from 100/+400, -140/+200 to -200/+325 to -325.
  • Both our alloy solder and braze powders are satellite free, meet vacuum tube grade requirements and conform to AST/AWS braze specifications for optimal quality    
  • Our partner firms can provide Materion braze and solder powders formulated into convenient pastes

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