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We produce solder preforms in the broadest range of materials, shapes and dimensions!

When you need optimal adhesion, our preforms are fabricated to meet your exacting standards. With our extensive tool library and 30 years of material science expertise, Materion manufactures preforms for use in multiple microelectronics applications. 

   > High-power semiconductor devices      > RF and microwave devices 
   > Hermetic microelectronic packaging      > Communications
   > Military/aerospace/weapon systems      > Measuring devices

About Materion Preforms

  • Multitude of shapes including squares, rectangles, discs, washers, & frames
  • Special processes for customizing unique shapes and alloys
  • Extensive material selection of ultra clean alloys for superior thermal & electrical conductivity
  • Lead-free alloys available in high quality materials including gold alloys, silver alloys, gold tin alloys, gold germanium alloys, gold tin copper alloys, et. al.
  • Standard thicknesses from 0.001"  to widths up to 4.500"
  • Very accurate adjustable tools for low volume requests

Premium AuSn Preforms

There are a number of benefits in using gold alloy preforms, particularly for high reliability in joining gold-plated surfaces and for hermetic sealing.

  • Allows exact placement & precise amount of solder
  • Consistent solder joints
  • High tensile strength
  • Bonds easily to Au
  • Resistant to corrosion and oxidation
  • Superior thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Excellent wetting properties for lid sealing

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