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Materion's SilSeal® compositions deliver consistent brazing performance!

Our uniform silver-based alloys are available in a variety of forms including strip, wire, thin foils and wide-width sheets. They can be used in a range of silver brazing processes including torch, furnace, vacuum and inert gas atmosphere.  

Consult our SilSeal® Comparative Chart of brazing materials for more  technical information.

CONTACT US! Our brazing & alloys experts can recommend the best and most cost-effective options.


Silver-based alloys for multiple applications from cutting bit joining, pipe/tube joining and electronic package assembly.

  •  SilSeal® conforms to all specifications of the American Welding Society           
  • Uniform silver alloy compositions enable consistent performance in brazing operations
  •  Alloys are available in a variety of silver percentages alloyed with other metals (such as copper, zinc and tin) to meet your needs
  • Other alloys can be tailored to your application specifications 

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