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Patented CuPacks™ deliver outstanding performance for cutting edge, high power   Si, GaAs and GaN transistors.

Materion's high quality ceramic packages are all electrolytically plated with nickel and gold and are compatible with a wide range of die attach materials. Our CuPacks™ meet exacting requirements for low thermal resistance and low RF loss.

The unique CuPackTM offers the following:

  • Cavity area up to 3.8mm x 3.8mm for 420°C rating
  • Cavity area up to 5.0mm x 5.0mm for 320°C rating
  •  Wide variety of standard designs, plus new designs can be rapidly fabricated per customer print
  • Very low thermal resistance with 0.2 mm thick copper leads and base
  • Very low RF loss with an air cavity and alumina ceramic ringframe
  • Direct bond Cu construction with the narrowest lead pitch possible    
  • CuPacks™ are surface mount packages whose leads can be formed in straight, gull wing or J-shaped configurations to meet your precise needs

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You can trust our expertise and proven history in producing RF packages. Our engineers want to be your partner of choice and identify best cost solutions for your high power ceramic packaging needs.

  • CuPacks™ are available in industry standard footprints that are interchangeable with many plastic packages
  • The Z-50 Program can fabricate a custom CuPackTM from your specifications and expedite delivery
  • Our R&D team is ready to assist with new product development or technical support